The Khaki Pants

I have what you can call a A shape or a Pear shape depending on what system for determining your body shape your using.The bottom line is that my hips are wider than my shoulders,and the easiest way to balance the proportions is to wear on the bottom half of my body darker colors.

So why on earth do I feel attracted to khaki pants?Suposedly this is a disastrous marriage.But I’m willing to make it work.

I tried to look for clues on the internet, but was very surprised to see that my blog was one of the first links on the subject of how to wear khaki pants.At least that explains why one of the top searches for people to arrive at this blog is ‘khaki pants’ (or ‘caqui pants’).

So I decided that although I’m not a specialist I would create a special place where to share the way I wear khaki pants and  the reasons why I wear them like this.You can always see for yourselves whether  it worked or not.

For now let me tell you about khaki pants in warmer months.(I will add cooler months when possible)

The first thing that I looked for when buying khaki pants was the cut of the pants.As in spring and summer we don’t wear a lot of layers I couldnt count always on cardigans or jackets to help hide whatever I wanted hidden, so I tried to find pants with  a wider leg that went straight from the knee down.

Other thing that I always tried to do was to somehow show my waistline, so that there was not any doubt that the hips are wide but I have a waist .

For better effect yet I could have worn shoes in the same color as the pants but I couldn’t find a match.

Experiment #1 (with layers)


In this one I had a cardigan that by itself didn’t have any shape, so I emphasized the waist with the top underneath that goes it at the waist.

Also the color of the top blends with both the pants and the cardigan creating  a long line.

Experiment #2 (with layers)


A vest always defines a waist even for people who don’t have much of one.The colors in this outfit are all different but I tried to use colors that go together.

Experiment #3 (without layers)


Prints are even more noticeable than light colors, and by using a pattern shirt I tried to put the emphasis of the outfit in there.This shirt has also a thick detail that hits at the smallest part of my upper body giving the impression that the waist is higher than it really is, extending this way the leg line.

Experiment #4 (without layers)


This was the lighter outfit that I did with my khaki pants this year.The shirt is lighter than the pants with some lace in the neckline.But what made this outfit work , both because of the pants and my light complexion ,was this thick statement  belt.

Experiment #5 (without layers)


In here we have a heel helping but there is something to the shape of the knit blouse.It is darker than the pants but the color is more vibrant than the khaki. Also the knit is tighter around the waist making a corset effect.


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  2. pawhitehouse
    May 03, 2010 @ 00:29:06

    hehe. This is a nice post. My work really needs to look at this. Wearing the shirt and pants ensemble (previous zoo keeper) just doesn’t do your curves any justice! It looks like you have done a through search on how they can work and i applaud you!


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