While not taking photos of the Quay D’Orsay

First of all I have to explain that when I’m talking about the Quay D’Orsay, I’m not referring to the actual Quai or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs  wich is located on the Quai.

I’m referring to the Museum of the Quay D’Orsay.

In anticipation of the 1900 World’s Fair (l’Exposition Universelle), the French government ceded this land to the Orléans railroad company , who, disadvantaged by the remote location of the Gare d’Austerlitz, planned to build a more central terminus station on the site of the ruined Palais d’Orsay.

It also decided to build next to it a hotel that would be convenient for the visitors of the Fair.

The project was a challenging one due to the vicinity of the Louvre and the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur: the new station needed to be perfectly integrated into its elegant surroundings.

Laloux , the architect chosen to make the buildings,chose to mask the modern metallic structures with the façade of the hotel, which, built in the academic style using finely cut stone from the regions of Charente and Poitou, successfully blended in with its noble neighbors.

Inside, all the modern techniques were used: ramps and lifts for luggage, elevators for passengers, sixteen underground railroad tracks, reception services on the ground floor, and electric traction.

Since then the building went from being a main train station to being abandoned and just used for scenery in movies, until 1961 when the railroad company decided to sell the building just to avoid the costs of demolition.

Consequently, the Minister of Cultural Affairs — Jacques Duhamel — decided that the structure should be conserved.

It benefited from a revival of interest in nineteenth-century architecture, and was listed on the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments on March 8, 1973.

The official decision to build the Musée d’Orsay was taken during the interministerial council of October 20, 1977, under the initiative of then-president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The building was classified a Historical Monument in 1978, and a civil commission was created to oversee the construction and organization of the museum.

On December 1st, 1986, the new museum was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, François Mitterrand. It opened to the general public on December 9th.

From my personal experience I can say that the Museum itself is a wonder to visit. The building has beautiful spaces and light in the big room where the trains used to be, and the rooms belonging to the hotel, that was also incorporated in the Museum have delicate carved ceilings, magnific painted walls.

On top of that you have  all of the arts from 1848-1914, which include names as Van Gogh,Renoir,Monet, Rodin and beautiful Art Noveau furniture  among other artists and periods.

And with all of this , in every room you have a placard saying you cannot take photos.

Please take my word for it and go visit next time, it is beautiful.

In the previous dinning room of the Hotel there is a restaurant now where you can have a delicious meal while still dreamy with such beauty and there you can actually take a picture of the ceiling.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here is what I wore to the museum:

Remember, it was July.



Deauville is a commune in the department of Calvados in the Basse-Normandie. .

It is  considered, with its casino, luxury hotels, its racecourse, its harbors, its Festival of American cinema, its golf courses and clubs as one of the most prestigious in France . It annually attracts thousands of tourists, especially Parisians because of its relative proximity (about 2 hours drive).

His reputation as a luxury resort earned him regularly frequented by many celebrities from film, music, television, fashion and the world economically and politically.

It was here that Coco Chanel opened her second store , the first ever that had more than hats to sell.

But this city is not all about the stores.There are many sites and monuments ,to see.I have a few to show.

The first picture shows the walk to the beach, “the Boards”.It is said that it brings you good fortune if you walk there, maybe because of the famous names that you see written along the walk.

The Casino

(I have to say that you actually pay to cross the bridge you see bellow.)

City Hall, renovated in neo-Norman  style in 1961 by Mayor Robert Fossorier,

The  Place Morny, its fountains and its covered market, surrounded by coffee shops with the tables outside is also a beautiful place to visit although there is no picture here.

And, of course, the beach.

If you can visit, it is a beautiful place.

Parque das Nações -Lisboa

As promised (some time ago, I admit) today I’m going to show you a part of Lisbon.But I realised that I only had a couple of good photos.Sorry about that.

This is not one of the oldest or more typical parts of the city, quite the contrary.But cities are always evolving and I want to believe that a city I love so much can adapt continuously and look to the future along with the past.

In the year of 1998 it was held in Lisbon the Universal Exibithion.The place where everything was going to take place was a place north of the city and that was used as a docking place.Although people were not happy because they could not take advantage of the riverside they were also not very happy with the amount of money that was going to be spent in this enterprise.

Turns out that the Expo98 was a big success and the city gained a new place where people can entertain themselves in many different ways and many people live there now.

In this picture you can see the dome of the multi-purposes pavilion and a couple of the many restaurants that exist along the river.

On the left the big tower belongs to a shopping mall that I didn’t take pictures of.

There is also other pavilions dedicated to science and new technologies and the Oceanario where you can almost get into the ocean and swim with the fishes

and also with the people who take care of the aquarium 🙂

This is a bright and fresh place to visit if you ever travel to Lisbon.And because I feel so guilty about the lack of photos I leave here the homepage.It,s worth taking a look.


What do this two images have in common?Well, they both belong to the Thoiry Park in Thoiry.

The Animal Park is a zoo opened to the public  since 1968 in the Château de Thoiry (Yvelines). First managed by Count Antoine de la Panouse then by his son, Count Paul de la Panouse, it is now the responsibility of the Vicomte Edmond de la Panouse. Unlike conventional zoos, visitors can walk( inside your own car) among 20 species of herbivorous African  on the same territory. This is the first safari park of its kind opened in France.

The zoo, which covers 150 hectares in the middle of the 380-hectare area, presents 46 species of mammals (550 animals), 26 species of birds (132 individuals), 9 species of reptiles (33 individuals) and 10 species invertebrates. The creation of a landscape, where the composition of the clearings, woods and ponds facilitate the expression of animal behavior.

It includes some more traditional zoo and a botanical park of 126 hectares with several themed gardens: gardens Autumn, perfume, English, labyrinth, rose garden.

The African Reserve, Bear Park, the glass tunnel running through the parks of tigers and lions and many other achievements were world premieres and many of them are still exclusives.

You can also walk along the amazing lawn enjoying the view, and visit the Chateaux itself that belongs to the Renassaince Period and started to be constructed in 1559.

If you follow the itenerary given to you in the entrance you will be able to visit everything and spend a day like you never tought you would in France.

That skirt

(This is a scheduled post)

There is a skirt in my wardrobe that supposedly goes with everything,but I don’t seem to use it enough or have any ideas for it.

This one:

Trough Sal’s blog I discovered another blog called outfits anonymous where ,as the creator of the blog says herself,

I got the idea for this blog when I was in a hurry and searching the web for an outfits ideas website. I just wanted some old and new ideas on how to wear my new navy cardigan. Alas, finding no such blog, I decided to create my own.’

I think it was an excellent idea and been following her blog.(Check it out.)

And also decided to give the same kind of treatment to my skirt.Here are the outfits I came up with(all summer):

How did I do?


As many other districts in Toronto Yorkville is a former village annexed by the City of Toronto.It was founded in 1830 by entrepreneur Joseph Bloor (after whom Bloor Street, one of Toronto’s main thoroughfares, is named) and William Botsford Jarvis of Rosedale, Toronto and it  began as a residential suburb.

In the streets they still are testimony of that time including the beautiful picture on the side of the building that portraits what was known at the time as the Incident on the Old York Lane.Check out the second picture to know what the fuss was all about.

In the 1960s, Yorkville flourished as Toronto’s bohemian cultural centre. It was the breeding ground for some of Canada’s most noted musical talents, including Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot, as well as then-underground literary figures such as Margaret Atwood, Gwendolyn MacEwen and Dennis Lee. Yorkville was also known as the Canadian capital of the hippie movement.

Wondering  what happened to this part of town?

Well, right now Yorkville  is a high-end shopping district.Upscale Bloor Street, the main shopping avenue, vies nationally with Vancouver‘s Robson Street. In 2006, both were the 22nd most expensive streets in the world.

Check out  some of the stores :

Such a nice place to visit.

Dear Canada, did you just moved?

Dear Canada, did you just moved?

If you don’t really want me here you just have to tell, there is  no need for earthquakes as mild and politely Canadian as they can be.

I was already in the process of packing and be leaving sometime soon.The fact that you decided to shake things a bit is not conducive to my peace of mind and it makes me feel a bit silly ,standing there ,choosing outfits while my windows move.

My Baby Girl appreciated the extra rocking of her bed because she was getting in the mood to take a nap but I frankly didn’t and that’s why I’m writing to you.

I come originally from a city(Lisbon) that it’s known for having greater possibilities of suffering earthquakes, actually more frequently and stronger.So, you see, the kind of math that I cannot understand is the one when in the 30 + years that I lived there I experienced like 3 earthquakes and in the not even two years that I live in Toronto I experience one here.

Are you trying to mess with the people who study this kind of things?Does this have something to do with the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto?Are you just showing of?

Now that this is out of my chest I can tell you that I’m willing to forgive and forget because our relationship means a lot to me.

Hope you get things out of your system while I’m away . Try to relax and enjoy the summer.I ‘ll bring you a souvenir and will be missing you .

Yours truly,


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