I moved….

The title says it all.After some consideration I decided to create a new blog where I can show you the places I visit and the pictures we take in a much better way.


The world wears your colors

There is that special color that makes you feel good, that makes everything all right.

And if you look around you, everywhere you go you can see the world cheering you by wearing your colors.

Sometimes your color envelopes you,

sometimes it’s hidden in a spot of tranquility,

sometimes it flies as high as your dreams,

sometimes it tells whoever wants to listen that you belong someplace,

sometimes you wear your own colors.

On the Road

While traveling on the road …

Do you look  to the road ahead of you:


Do you look at the sky and wonder where other people are going?


Do you look for the signs?


Do you look with detail to the little flowers?


Do you acknowledge the big beautiful trees?


Do you look at the person who is just behind you?


Is that also the way you walk trough your life?