The ‘make believe’ New York

Sometimes when talking about certain parts of Toronto, or a particular location I mention that this or that film took place there, but actually the city itself appears in more movies than you would think.

Apparently downtown Toronto is a great place to build a mini New York city, and it is a common occurrence to see New York taxis passing by.

This weekend they were shooting a tv film and there were not only taxis, but a New York bus, Christmas decorations and even a little bit of snow.

Hope you enjoyed our paparazzi moment 🙂



As many other districts in Toronto Yorkville is a former village annexed by the City of Toronto.It was founded in 1830 by entrepreneur Joseph Bloor (after whom Bloor Street, one of Toronto’s main thoroughfares, is named) and William Botsford Jarvis of Rosedale, Toronto and it  began as a residential suburb.

In the streets they still are testimony of that time including the beautiful picture on the side of the building that portraits what was known at the time as the Incident on the Old York Lane.Check out the second picture to know what the fuss was all about.

In the 1960s, Yorkville flourished as Toronto’s bohemian cultural centre. It was the breeding ground for some of Canada’s most noted musical talents, including Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot, as well as then-underground literary figures such as Margaret Atwood, Gwendolyn MacEwen and Dennis Lee. Yorkville was also known as the Canadian capital of the hippie movement.

Wondering  what happened to this part of town?

Well, right now Yorkville  is a high-end shopping district.Upscale Bloor Street, the main shopping avenue, vies nationally with Vancouver‘s Robson Street. In 2006, both were the 22nd most expensive streets in the world.

Check out  some of the stores :

Such a nice place to visit.

Dear Canada, did you just moved?

Dear Canada, did you just moved?

If you don’t really want me here you just have to tell, there is  no need for earthquakes as mild and politely Canadian as they can be.

I was already in the process of packing and be leaving sometime soon.The fact that you decided to shake things a bit is not conducive to my peace of mind and it makes me feel a bit silly ,standing there ,choosing outfits while my windows move.

My Baby Girl appreciated the extra rocking of her bed because she was getting in the mood to take a nap but I frankly didn’t and that’s why I’m writing to you.

I come originally from a city(Lisbon) that it’s known for having greater possibilities of suffering earthquakes, actually more frequently and stronger.So, you see, the kind of math that I cannot understand is the one when in the 30 + years that I lived there I experienced like 3 earthquakes and in the not even two years that I live in Toronto I experience one here.

Are you trying to mess with the people who study this kind of things?Does this have something to do with the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto?Are you just showing of?

Now that this is out of my chest I can tell you that I’m willing to forgive and forget because our relationship means a lot to me.

Hope you get things out of your system while I’m away . Try to relax and enjoy the summer.I ‘ll bring you a souvenir and will be missing you .

Yours truly,


Canada’s Walk of Fame

Not only Hollywood has its Walk of Fame.In the city of Toronto almost hidden into the concrete sidewalk besides Roy Thomson Hall you will discover Canada’s Walk of Fame.

This walk honors Canadians(or people who have lived in Canada for more than 10 years who have excelled in music, sport, film, television, as well as the literary, visual, performing arts, science and innovation.

Check out some of the names we discover:

You can learn everything about this canadian institution here at the oficial site.

Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory is located 10 minutes north of Niagara Falls on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens & School of Horticulture.

It is one of the most incredible and magical attractions I have ever visited.To be able to walk among the butterflies is a rare and uplifting experience.My first tought was that Paradise must look like this.

But let me give you some facts.

The self-guided walking tour of the Butterfly Conservatory begins with a short, informative video presentation .

In this Conservatory there are over 2,000 colourful tropical butterflies floating freely among lush, exotic blossoms and greenery. You are even able to witness an important moment of the lives of this butterflies at the Emergence window, where butterflies leave their pupae and prepare to take their first flight.

And now, some of the species you can find here:

The Niagara Whirlpool

One of the attractions that I don’t see much-advertised about  in the Niagara region is the Niagara Whirlpool.In itself is a beautiful place and is as much part of the wonderous Niagara River as the Falls themselves.

In this particular spot the River  makes a 90 degree turn. As a result the torrent of water abruptly changes direction and creates a natural Whirlpool.

The Whirlpool has a depth of 38 m or 120 ft. As with all whirlpools, the water circulates in a counterclockwise direction.

However, when water levels are lowered by diversion of the river to the hydro-electric dams, the Whirlpool starts to move in a clockwise direction.

For this time period, the Niagara Whirlpool isn’t technically a Whirlpool. This phenomenon takes place from about November 1 to April 1.

(I guess this must be the favourite place to visit by all the Physics out there.)

If you want some more adventure you can always go on a jet boat tour on the rapids where the  Niagara Whirlpool  is formed or cross the Whirlpool high above  transported through the air in an antique cable car.

The Aero car was designed by a Spanish engineer, Leonardo Torres Quevedo and has been in operation since 1916. t is also known as the Spanish car.

The picture above was taken in January ( a  non-whirlpool month), but here are some pictures from September.

Hope you enjoy.

Niagara Parks Greenhouse

This popular free attraction is visited by over 420,000 people on an annual basis. Located on the Niagara Parkway just 500 metres (1/4 south of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls), it is opened year round daily from 9:30 am.

It was originally created for growing  bedding plants used for the many display gardens in the Niagara region.

Besides the greenhouses there is always one of the several seasonal displays for you to apreciate.Flying tropical birds live in the Greenhouse. The tropical house features a collection of plants from around the globe.

There is also a Orchild Society here  with several prizes.The flowers are beautiful as you can see for these examples.

In summer there are also gardens and art to admire outside but in the winter time stepping inside this greenhouse is a most welcome change from the snow outside.

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