A case of double personality?

Currently I’m looking for a substitute for my trench-coat.Usually when it comes to this things I like to play it safe and am instantly drowned( the proofread writing says this is well spelled) to the most common tan colors (or variations of it).I even found one that has a flattering collar .

So why, oh why am I attracted to this one:

I’ve seen it in the store and it looks as good as it does here.It looks like a flattering shape and it would look very good with jeans.But it’s pink(the other color is black which is a no-no to me).

The thing is I like both of them and both appeal to me in different ways.Shouldn’t ones fashion personality be more consistent?Why would I have to have a classic woman and a hippie girl always talking at once inside my head?(oh, now I hear voices, this is getting better and better)

Well, what say you.I’m I crazy?Does this happen to anyone else?Would I be crazy by choosing the pink one?

Input on this one more than welcome.

(Picture from RW & CO )


A Different Perspective

As I was reading Modest Mom blog I realised that the magazine from where she took her pictures was one that I also have at home and had coveted some of the things.

So I find that it would be interesting to demonstrate that two people take different things from the same thing, in this case a magazine. And it’s fun , it’s like going trough the things in a magazine with a friend.

Check out on hers. My wish list is (hope you can see with the bad photos and the tiny handwriting):




Do you know the magazine.What would you have liked?

Question to the Fashion World


Since I bought the August issue of ELLE CANADA and I saw this Trend Report where they announce that this Fall/Winter we are totally into tweed I’ve been meaning to ask: When was the last Fall/Winter season when tweed was not the it thing?

Don’t take me the wrong way, I do love tweed but every year they talk about it as if it was a novelty and when every year you talk about the same is hardly a novelty each year.

Perhaps I’ve been missing the subtleties of the cuts, the colors,or maybe the whole picture but my question is a serious one:

When was not tweed in fashion?

I mean it.

Didn’t know I was a Petite

(Attention, this is one of those talk talk talk posts)

I’ve  been thinking about this for a while but a comment that Seeker did on one of the posts made me decide to share it with you.

Right now I’m in a time in my life where I HAVE TO buy new clothes.Although you might realize the financial implications of this it’s still a very exciting project to build an functional wardrobe.

Thanks to some great fashion blogs that I came across(and I’ll talk about this in another post) right now I have a better understanding of what might or might not work for me .And I’ve been trying not to stray away from those things.The main difficulty in choosing clothes is that although I’m a SAHM I’m attracted to things like blazers and button down shirts that are not so practical to run around a baby especially in Spring/Summer(hopefully in the Fall this will change).So I’ve been in the search for clothes.

Like everybody else in my own turf(ie my country) I had brands that I already knew , that had a good fit for me and the type of clothes that I enjoyed.But they were portuguese brands and although they have stores in places like Kuwait they don’t have stores in Canada.

After some search I found some new brands I like.Don’t know if there is something in me that likes to support national brands but the fact is that my favorite brands right now are canadian.And that’s very well except for one small detail, proportions.

In my country and with the brands I usually wore I was a regular size, I mean I have an average height for a portuguese woman,shirts were as long as they were supposed to be.I knew the concept of petite but to me it was related with cute little women and I never though of myself as a cute little woman.It’s not that I have image issues, I just didn’t think that is the best way to describe me.

In Canada, with my new choices of brands, shirts are too long. Sometimes I can managed to make them work with pants but almost every one of them have to be shortened.And if that doesn’t bother me that much with button down shirts it does bother me with cotton shirts, thinking that besides the price I have to pay for them I have to pay for having them shortened  sometimes kills the love for the t-shirt.

But I prefer to see things on the bright side, in this country I’m a cute little thing 🙂 And that makes me wanna search other aspects of myself.Instead of forcing my body to look what it is not I’m now more willing to ’embrace the curves’,to try to show a softer and warmer side that was there all along but I kept hidden.It’s still a long road ahead but I enjoy the path of discovery.

How come something so simple can change the image that you have of yourself?This country has been doing some strange things to me and this is only one of them.I can only say that Change is good, sometimes is difficult but it’s when you learn more in every aspect and more importantly is when you learn more about yourself.

A simple pair of khaki pants???

(Disclaimer: Today it’s just talk, no pictures. Proceed at your own risk)

(edited to say that pictures of the many ways I wear my khaki pants are here)

I’m a woman that believes in wardrobe staples, the problem is I buy a new version of the same staple every year.Some women have their wardrobe full of white trousers that they never wear, I pursue the quest for the perfect pair of khaki pants.Every spring/summer collection there I am trying kakhi pants. Why does a person who has very defined hips wants khaki pants could be the subject of a totally different post, let’s just say for the sake of argument that I do need a pair of perfect khaki pants.

This year is no different from the others. I even have on my side the fact that the only pair that I brought with me in the capsule wardrobe that I bribed several relatives into bringing to France and then to Canada don’t fit.

So my search begun.The first step that I had to overcome was size. Portuguese sizes are different than Canadian sizes and every brand has it’s own interpretation of what it is a size (let’s call it )Y.A Portuguese Y is not a French Y, I can assure you, actually a French Y can make you cry and think that you became a triple Y no matter what the Y stands for.

Of course you can say ‘You just have to see the conversion chart.’Been  there, done that, didn’t work.

So my first experience in buying jeans in the Eaton begun with a conversation that was almost like a first date:

The nice sales girl: Do you want me to get your jeans size?

Me: Yes, please.Which one do you think it is?

The nice sales girl(looking at my derriere): Maybe a size Y.

Me: Really?Ok, I’ll try it.

And she was right.

So when I went to buy the khaki ts in the Shopping mall near my house I knew in which size to look for. So I though, because eventually I realised that pants and jeans in the same size don’t mean the same thing.When I had tried every pair of khaki pants in the other stores (and believe me when I say that there is a particular store where I don’t feel brave enough to try anything else after I tried every pair of khaki pants in two different sizes)I decided to go to Gap.

I really like Gap,but visiting the one nearest my house is  a torment. The moment I step inside the store manager that still lives inside me starts to snap:

‘Why is the Merchandise all over the place?’

‘Why isn’t anybody acknowledging me and trying to find out if they can help?’

‘Does anyone try to make this place look tidy?’

‘Why aren’t you telling me about the special offers that you have right now?’

Eventually I found a couple of pants, went to the dressing room with no expectation that anyone would give me a different size if I needed it and luckily found a pair of khaki pants that met my requisites.And I prepared for the other task that is very stressful in that store: paying.

I have in my purse a discount coupon that is magical, it only shows itself when I am at home. Whenever I am at the Gap counter to pay I look like a lunatic searching for the coupon and mumbling to the person on the other side of the  counter ‘I  have a coupon around here somewhere’

Of course that in this particular day I also didn’t find it and had to pay(luckily on sale) to a not so smiley sales girl before I left the store and headed for the next coffee so I could rest from all the commotion.

Now I have a pair of khaki pants.Aren’t you curious to know how they are?