To the Amelia fans

As I know there are some fans of Amelia Peabody among my dear readers I decided to share the news.

It is almost here, the 19th book on the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. You can already pre-order it at Amazon or wait attached to the computer until April 6 to be the first one to grab it.

I don’t know what the plot will be this time but as their Egyptian reis, or foreman, Abdullah would say ‘Another season, another dead body’.

Besides , it is always fun to renew my acquaintance with the Emerson family. In fact I think I might have a crush on Ramses.

Can’t wait to start reading it.

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Somewhere Beneath This Sky

I  have wanted to share this with you for some time. I knew the artist when he used to say that when you want to really make good music you have to study it every day and very disciplined about it.

Sounds to me he did a great job. What do you think?

Bad Target

My father always liked to listen to the sound of his own voice. Being an only child I was the chosen audience for his speeches. Luckily for me, he has an enormous cultural background and my vision of the world was greatly shaped by those long talks when I wanted to go away and do something else.

One of the things that he told me and that I remember time and again is that our vision of an object changes proportionally with the knowledge we have about that object. For example, a rock can be simply a rock or part of the geological evolution of Earth if we know how to determine its composition and origin.

In my everyday life this truth makes me a bad target for publicity in any form.

I have a background in sales,so it is pretty easy for me to walk into  a store and realise wich products that store wants to sell , which of the employes just want to make a sale and wich ones are really giving their opinion.

Also I was lucky to  assist at some assembly of tv programs, so when watching an interview I know if it was recorded with one or two cameras, and I look for details of how they put the piece together.

But what made me write today was a specific commercial from  a car company(and I’m truly honest when I say I don’t know which company that is ).

What you wear conveys a message on itself. I was watching this gentleman talking about the company where he is someone important and I was looking at his jacket and wondering  ‘how can a man who wants to look successful has a jacket with such a bad fit?’.

When I looked more closely I noticed that the shoulder pads were to big for him, that what was wrong. And I don’t think that publicists don’t know what they are doing, so this had to have a reason.And I realised that if we took them away we would have  a nice looking man for his age, but not with such an almost athletic feeling about him.That was the message that they wanted the public also to get, that this man was ready for action, not only a big boss that seats at his desk.

This what I took from the commercial, not the brand of the car, not what he said.And I do this with every form of publicity that comes my way.

We all know that politicians have been doing this for years. Maybe the first flagrant example was when J F K showed a picture of an unshaved Nixon and asked something like ‘Will you elect for President a man you wouldn’t  buy a car from?'(it turns out there was a couple of other things about Nixon, but that’s not the point here)

But have you ever noticed what is precisely the message that publicity is trying to send you?

Am I the only one that does this?

Am I just being cynical about the world?

An Award from the Heart

premiocoraodeouro001a1Dear lovely Seeker from Searching the Inner Me pass me the  ‘Prémio Blog Coração de Ouro’, that is the Award Blog with a Golden Heart.

Thank you so much Seeker.

She is the one with golden heart and has a lovely blog besides being always on the latest fashion.Check it if you don’t know her.

I think all of you that I visit or visit me have also golden hearts.

So I  would also like to pass this award to some of you:

Now, if you like, post this award and pass it on.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Award Time


Some weeks ago the amazing Sher from Fashion After Forty award this blog with the Great Read Award.

I was so delighted with this award but only now I’m talking about it. One of the reasons is that I have to tell you 10 things about me.I didn’t want to repeat the 7 things in Les Memes so I had to think hard of what might be interesting to share.

Here they go(and I didn’t say I managed to get 10 interesting things):

  1. I don’t drink alcohol and never smoked.
  2. I love a good romance but I prefer happy endings. Casablanca would have had a different ending if it was for me.
  3. I’m very peculiar about Toblerone. I like the 100g bars because they have the exact chocolate/almond ratio that I like.
  4. I hate to use umbrellas. Sometimes I carry them in my purse but prefer to get a little wet than to open it.
  5. The person that taught me to make an omelet was a guy. He did a very good job because my omelets are legendary.
  6. I learn Russian for 3 years but right now I only know some words.
  7. Love everything strawberry related, shampoos, scented candles, everything.
  8. I love dogs and had one for 16 years.
  9. For the first time in years I have my natural hair color and I’m loving it.
  10. I’m afraid of heights. When I visited the top of the Eiffel Tower I hardly left the middle of the room and haven’t visited the CN Tower yet because the elevator is open.

Now I have to tag 10 other bloggers but as there are some that were just awarded with the same award or were tagged because of other things  I’m just going to nominate some of them. Here they go:

Hope it was a little bit interesting.See you tomorrow.

The Glamour Woman

One of the photos of the September issue of the Glamour magazine is generating allot of talk.And the most amazing thing is the reason why. The magazine decided to picture a woman that showed her actual belly. I mean, not a flat iron one, or a photo shop perfected one but HER REAL BELLY with all the things we normally  want to hide.

And the tremendous thing about this is that it was a huge success.Readers expressed their delight for finally seeing pictured a woman they could relate to in a regular feature of the magazine, not under the label of Fashion for Plus women.

I came across this a couple of days ago but as today the levels of tiredness are high I decided to share it with you.

Check the whole story here.

What’s with Sean Connery?

Last night we were watching a movie with Sean Connery and I was wondering, what does this man have that is so appealing?He was branded  The Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine and in 1999, at the age of 69, it’s insane.

And I’m not saying that I don’t agree with it , I’m just wondering why.

In his films as James Bond he was less than polite( to put it mildly) but for some reason he is irresistible.Maybe it has to do with his accent, his deep voice(personally that does allot to me) , that look on his face that says ‘Yes, I am a bad boy but I have style’.Even in the film ‘The Name of The Rose’ where he plays a Franciscan monk cannot but notice that he has charisma and I don’t even remember the name of the boy who played the role of his apprentice. Do you?

There have been, and continue to be, better looking actors, younger actors but Sean Connery possesses a quality difficult to pinpoint but that sets him apart.

Just sharing…

Have a nice day.

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