Friday Indulgence- Take a journey to your happy place

It doesn’t matter if you do it physically or  in your dreams sometimes you just need to go to that special place where the sun always shines, where life holds still while you enjoy the moment in the perfect zen mood.

Nothing in the past, nothing in the future,no worries, no expectations, just the present and the sun.

Although I’m an expert in immersing myself in the realms of my imagination sometimes I actually like to go somewhere.

For me going to the Niagara Falls is always that  time of peace and tranquility(if you ignore all the people around, which I do).

Just going there makes me feel like I belong to something bigger and better.I’m truly am one with the Universe, as cheesy as it sounds ,and feel that I can take whatever comes my way.

Do you have a happy place? (in the planet Earth or in your imagination)Do you go there often enough?


Friday Indulgence: Move out of your comfort zone

I realise this indulgence takes a little bit of explaining and might not be true to everyone. I’ll leave you with my reasoning as it is.

Let’s start by thinking why do we have  a comfort zone to begin with.

Wikipedia defines comfort zone as ‘a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk’ and I dare say that in most of the cases the behaviours that do not cause us anxiety are the ones where we don’t confront people and opinions around us.

Let the one of you who never agreed with someone else  just to avoid an argument even when you didn’t share the same opinion raise your hand please.

And we live happily thinking that this way things will work better for us and others and we will be more successful in our  relationships , work and life in general.Sadly we are mistaken.

Alasdair A. K. White “From Comfort Zone to Performance Management”  defends that to step out of the comfort zone raises the anxiety level engendering a stress response, the result of which is an enhanced level of concentration and focus. He refers to this as the Optimal Performance Zone – a zone in which the performance of a person can be enhanced and in which their skills can be optimized.

Of corse that this risk taking must be controled( no one advises you to just try parachuting or bungee jumping if you’re afraid of heights).

The bottom line is that we should step out of our comfort zone and free ourselves from our own boundaries that do not give us real security but prevent us from doing new things and getting new responses from the ones that surround us.

So when we try something as simple as dressing in a color that we usually wouldn’t we can turn that small step into something bigger.

What was my small step, you may ask. Piercing my ears. For years (35 to be precise) I didn’t have my ears pierced and I knew that if I changed that people would notice and comment, so I never did it, until now.

The outcome is that ,yes people do notice it,but I do to. And I like it , strangely I feel more feminine and I see the possibilities that this brings me to add a major something to the way I feel about my image and the way I present myself .

So, what will be your small/big step?

Friday Indulgence : The chick-flick marathon

Sometimes we just have to live the dream, literally.

As a married woman I have my (and a couple of more people) share of boys movies.So to sit down and enjoy a couple of girly movies is  a wonderful indulgence for a friday night.

Among my all time favourites you can count Notting Hill, Dirty Dancing (the first one and Havana Nights),Top Gun, Shakespeare in Love , Love Actually and Bridget Jones(both movies).

For today , however I chose two movies that I didn’t see in the theatres:

I know that 2 films do not count as a marathon but is a good start. At least I will have my yearly dose of Mr. Darcy.

As Valentine’s day is near you might be able to convince your loved one to watch your chick flick with you.After all romance is in the air.

Friday Indulgence : les Chocolats

Welcome to one of the new features of this blog :the Friday Indulgence. The reason why I ‘m introducing this change is that I think every one of us deserves something nice once in a while and we don’t do it enough. Life is busy and things go fast so every friday here’s the place to indulge a little.

I’m starting with something easy and expected: chocolates.

The reason why I’m starting with this one is both to show you what kind of chocolates my mother-in-law sends from France(I haven’t forget your question Kari) and generally because I feel the urge to get down with business with this little box.

Ladies and gentleman I present to you les Chocolats:

I can assure you they taste as good as they look 😉