The Second Time Around

This time in our Celebrating Diversity theme, we have lovely Mervat from ‘Is that New?.

She chose an outfit that she had already shown in her blog here and that I’m very happy to show you:

Peach and wedding 028

In her own words :

I felt like I actually took the time to get ready and dressed in my perfect combination, a peplum on the waistband and a pencil skirt.

It also reminded me of an outfit I had early on in our marriage which I regret giving away.

She certanly looks wonderful and proves that certain looks are timeless for us as long as they are our very own look.

Thanks for sharing your perfect outfit with us, Mervat.


Try a Tunic…

I cannot begin to say how happy I am every time I have a guest post. These ladies really have style and are very kind to share.This time Sher from Fashion After Forty give us a valuable tip.Thank you so much for your post Sher.

And here it is:

When Cecila asked me to do a guest post, I was so flattered. But when asked to choose an outfit that I feel particularly good in and explain why it is that I feel great in it; I ran into a dilemma.  Decisions, decisions….Which one? There are so many outfits in my wardrobe that I like.

Then I realized it’s a type of clothing that makes me feel good.   One that is comfortable and flattering.  The tunic.  I looked up the definition of a Tunic and found the following:


Definition # 3. a woman’s upper garment, either loose or close-fitting and extending over the skirt to the hips or below.

Then again I still couldn’t choose one picture. I chose two 🙂

100_6671a 100_6415g

I believe the tunic is so flattering to all body types. And best of all, they are comfortable. No need to tuck in that shirt, they are made to be worn out.

The two I chose here can be dressed up or dressed down.  Both can be worn over jeans for weekend wear.  Even just changing the shoes to flats, you can be off  running errands and still be stylish.  The silky one can be worn over a pencil skirt with/or without a belt and be ready for office wear.

Ladies, the next time your getting dressed, skip the T shirt and try a stylish tunic instead.

The Kindness of Strangers

I’m very happy to present to you the first guest post in the Category ‘Celebrating Diversity’.

Today we have lovely Caroline form Second Hand Shopper who wrote this wonderful post that she entitled ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ that I hope inspire you all.

Thank you so much Caroline.

Here’s her post:

I’ve been building up my wardrobe for fifteen years now, and finally have plenty of clothes I feel fantastic in. But until recently there was a look I loved but did not have the guts to wear: the full net petticoat.

I love the small-waist-big-skirt silhouette of the early 50s “New Look”. I have plenty of fit and flare dresses that would carry an underskirt, the problem was that I didn’t think I could carry it. I am used to people looking at my outfit choices as I pass – it’s hardly unusual in a small town to be looked at twice if you’re wearing something other than jeans on a Saturday morning. But the net petticoat just felt a step further than my comfort zone would take me.

So, I took my trip to The Clothes Show London as a chance to experiment and push myself. I took my petticoat in a separate bag and slipped it on when I got there…

And I got so many compliments! It’s amazing just how far a stranger’s kind words can push your barriers!


Remember you can participate with one look that makes you feel fabulous.

Celebrating Diversity

As everybody else in the world I have my comfort zone .You, that had the opportunity of taking a look of some of my outfits ,know that I’m a borderline neutral kind of person and I’m trying to expand , learn and better myself.

That doesn’t mean that I think that everybody has to be like me and play it safe all the time.In fact you would be very surprised to meet my mother, with whom I always had the best time shopping for her and is a colorful, taking chances on what you wear kind of person.

In a world where people find easier to criticizedwhat they don’t understand I though about creating a place in this blog in which we could celebrate our different expressions, our different interpretations of style.

As in my opinion, whenever you feel wonderful you do look wonderful I asked some bloggers if they could help me in guest posts showing what makes them feel great.I just asked a couple of people because I get allot of interruptions from Baby Girl but if any of you(blogger or non blogger) would like to participate please send me an email to: