What do this two images have in common?Well, they both belong to the Thoiry Park in Thoiry.

The Animal Park is a zoo opened to the public  since 1968 in the Château de Thoiry (Yvelines). First managed by Count Antoine de la Panouse then by his son, Count Paul de la Panouse, it is now the responsibility of the Vicomte Edmond de la Panouse. Unlike conventional zoos, visitors can walk( inside your own car) among 20 species of herbivorous African  on the same territory. This is the first safari park of its kind opened in France.

The zoo, which covers 150 hectares in the middle of the 380-hectare area, presents 46 species of mammals (550 animals), 26 species of birds (132 individuals), 9 species of reptiles (33 individuals) and 10 species invertebrates. The creation of a landscape, where the composition of the clearings, woods and ponds facilitate the expression of animal behavior.

It includes some more traditional zoo and a botanical park of 126 hectares with several themed gardens: gardens Autumn, perfume, English, labyrinth, rose garden.

The African Reserve, Bear Park, the glass tunnel running through the parks of tigers and lions and many other achievements were world premieres and many of them are still exclusives.

You can also walk along the amazing lawn enjoying the view, and visit the Chateaux itself that belongs to the Renassaince Period and started to be constructed in 1559.

If you follow the itenerary given to you in the entrance you will be able to visit everything and spend a day like you never tought you would in France.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 10:16:43

    I love that the people are in the “cage” and the animals are free to wander. I wish our zoos were set up like that!


  2. meadow68
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 15:08:56

    Wow, fantastic pictures! I have never been to France, am loving seeing what it’s like there from a regular person’s photos.


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