Lake Wilcox

Lake Wilcox  is a kettle lake situated north of Toronto in  the York Region. The lake itself  measures 1.5 kilometers across and covers 55.6 hectares.

Beginning in 1997, the town of Richmond Hill undertook a project to restore the lake’s condition, which had degraded due to pollution and development.The shoreline was literally being eaten by the geese and right now you can see measures to prevent their access to the vegetation.


What we visited  was the Sunset Beach and the adjoining Sunset Beach Park.

In  Sunset Beach there is a lovely little beach were you can bathe at your will, the Richmond Hill Canoe Club, and a long deck  to lay around, catch some sun and enjoy the scenario.When you look to the other shore of the lake you can see the housing development that, as far as we could see, consists of very high end mansions some of them with their private  float-plane  just parked there.


Sunset Beach Park, right across the street,  is the ideal place for a fun family outing.The park, besides it’s luxurious vegetation has picnic areas , some of them covert,a little cafe where you can buy snacks , fries and coffee , and a huge playground.




In the weekends you can see entire families that bring their barbecues and meat to cook, pans with food and spend a lazy day at the park or at the beach.Some of them even bring their own hammocks.


This is definitely a place I recommend everyone to visit, you just have to arrive early because the picnic tables get occupied very early 🙂 .


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  1. Sher
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 21:24:12

    What a beautiful area!


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