Perhaps people from Toronto will tell you that the lake shore is underutilized and has to many condo constructions and the pedestrian-friendly developments have been left behind.I can understand because we can say the same about the riverfront in Lisbon.There also ancient warehouses, factories and docklands were brought down but bureaucracy and economic interests made big, and sometimes ugly, constructions possible and forgot that the average people just wants to actually see the river and have the possibility to enjoy various activities on it’s shore.But , in a sunny morning, you go along Queens Quay W and you don’t remember such things.

That’s what we did, and besides the lovely walk you have many activities that you can enjoy.You have galleries with restaurants, shops, the possibility to go to harbor cruises,to watch indoor/outdoor performing an visual arts venues,the Simcoe WaveDeck that besides it’s architectonic beauty made every kid I watched go there very happy to play in it, a proper playground for kids, all of this with CN Tower always omnipresent.

Let me share some pictures with you.





We had a lovely time and ended up or morning where this post started, in Second Cup having a nice Cappuccino and a Brownie.


Hope you will have a nice weekend.


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  1. Sher
    Jun 20, 2009 @ 22:46:50

    The harbor is beautiful! and clean 😉 I’ve seen so many cities where it’s not… Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!


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