Eaton Centre


There are many books and guides that talk about the numerous wonders of Toronto but, I’m almost ashamed to confess,one of the first things I wanted to see when I arrived was the Eaton Centre.

To explain to you the reason of my choice I have to tell you that when I lived in Lisbon besides working in a big department store for some years and having to manage several stores in Shopping Malls around Portugal, I had a very special connection to Colombo shopping mall.I remember going there when it was open to the public still with half the lights and shops still to fulfill.Colombo was also the first mall in Portugal that brought the Fnac concept from France.For those of you who don’t know it, Fnac it’s a store that has books, Cds, DVDs, TVs, computers and all sorts of gadgets for sale but what makes it special is the fact that you have a coffeehouse inside whit an Arts program and a corner with music and nice couches where you can read the books from the bookstore.For me that was Heaven. Being in a nice cool place with nice music and being able to read whatever books I wanted without any costs was my idea of fun.

Besides that, the feeling of freshness and quiet that you have in a shopping mall in the early hours of the morning when the breakfasts are being made , the stores are clean and tidy makes for me a nice morning walk that allows me to think while I drink my morning coffee.

My relation with Colombo became so tight that I even spent a whole night there setting up a new store when I was 8 months pregnant.It was in the middle of the Christmas season so it was rather spectacular to have the mall and all the Christmas decorations just for us at night.

So you see, my relation with Shopping Malls goes beyond the shopping experience.

This is all to say that when I arrived to a new country I tried to find something that I could relate to, as I think everyone does. And Eaton Centre has it all,it even has Indigo Books & Music that resembles Fnac with a Starbucks with a marvelous view.

Although right now it is not the closest shopping mall to where I live I rather enjoy going there and maybe is the place where I feel more at home.

Sorry for not having pictures of the interior but maybe next time.

Have a wonderful week.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Seeker
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 16:24:23

    Oh yes, first time I went to Eaton’s Center there wasn’t yet Colombo and everytime I went to TO I must went there!!!
    I think I also have a strange relationship with comercial centers. They’re behond just shopping.

    Hope evrything is ok with you darling.

    All the best



    • nurmisur
      Jun 09, 2009 @ 13:16:02

      Seeker- Everything’s doing great, thank you.Next tie you come to Toronto there is another thing you have to visit:me 🙂


  2. elenalu
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 17:15:55

    i havent been to a mall in years! we have plenty of malls but we also have small little shopping centers that have shops that stand on their own so you dont have to walk through many stores to get to the one you want; the big mall has a skating rink in it and when i do go i love remembering times i spend there as a child in the rink! and for christmas they put a gigantic tree in the middle of the rink! its quite fun!


    • nurmisur
      Jun 09, 2009 @ 13:18:27

      elenalu- I also enjoy the little shops,specially the kind of shops that have always the same people working there and you know them for ages, actually those are the shops I like to buy things from.From the malls is the whole experience that I find fascinating.


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